• The East Village Art View is pleased to announce the upcoming show, Art is Money - Money is Art. Edoardo Marcenaro curated an exhibition of artworks made on actual $1 bills. This exhibition includes works by Banksy, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Obey and more than 100 local artists.
  • “The many nuances associated with the dollar bill serve as an unrelenting source of inspiration for me as I fold the monetary engravings obsessively to reveal messages. These manipulated promissory notes take on new meanings as the messages are realized in the ready-made light of the U.S. currency
  • Money go round, a cura di Edoardo Marcenaro con i testi di Edoardo Marcenaro, Emanuela Genovese e Giulio Fazio: in mostra 140 opere realizzate sulle banconote di tutto il mondo da 32 artisti internazionali, 7 cartine di continenti create da 7 street artist e un mappamondo ad opera dello street artis

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Edoardo Marcenaro Rome/New York

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